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Terms & Conditions

In this document the following expressions mean:

  • The Business – Stansted Ventures Ltd (owners of Segway Unleashed)
  • The Customer – participant in Segway Activity

The Segway season operates between Feb/March and October/November each year.
Customer participating in Segway Experience must agree to the terms and conditions set out by the business prior to participation and payment
The customer cannot participate in a Segway experience if they are:-

  • pregnant
  • suffering from high blood pressure, any heart condition or epilepsy
  • suffering from, or have ever had, any back or neck problems
  • under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • have existing medical conditions that may be aggravated in the event of fall etc.
  • undergoing medical treatment or have had an operation within the past twelve months
  • Less than 45kg (7 stone) or more than 120kg (19 stone)
  • If the rider is less than 4’ 6” in height or more than 6ft 7” in height

The business judgment of customer weight/height (or any other restrictions) is final and may be decided upon by the business staff on the day of the ride. We do have weigh scales and tape measure in reception.

If you suffer from any other conditions and are in doubt of your participation please contact Segway Unleashed to discuss your issues.

All Segway experiences must be paid for in full at the time of purchase we cannot allow participation without full payment.

On making your booking with Segway Unleashed (this includes booking a time slot and paying Segway Unleashed, or redeeming a gift company or Segway Unleashed voucher with us) please be aware that this booking is binding and final.

Cancellations or amendments can be made to your booking, however we require an email/communication to us advising of any changes that need to be made. Changes to bookings in regards of dates booked, agreed number of people attending will be charged at £15 per rider if the notice we receive is less than 7-days prior to your booked experience date. Changes made with more than 7-days’ notice will be made free of charge unless the company specifies otherwise.
Date transfers will be reviewed on a case by case basis; if Segway Unleashed feels amending your booked date will not disrupt subsequent bookings a transfer may be agreed, but may still be liable for charge.

For refunds, you have the right to return any goods bought directly from Stansted Ventures Ltd within seven days of receipt and a refund will be paid – minus the booking expenses Segway Unleashed has incurred. Refunds from 3rd party companies (Groupon, Wowcher etc.) must be issued and agreed with the supplying company not Stansted Ventures Ltd.

There are no refunds available from seven days after booking – this is in relation to direct bookings through Stansted Ventures Ltd/Segway Unleashed.

Stansted Ventures Ltd/Segway Unleashed are not/never liable for the cost of your postage or prebooked accommodation/transport costs under any circumstances. All refunds will be made to the person who purchased the voucher/time slot. To request a refund you MUST email or call so we can
register the date of your claim.

All participants are required to sign a waiver (disclaimer) this must be signed in front of our staff before you can ride the Segway. False information could affect the safety and security of the staff and customer and invalidate insurance.

It is the customers responsibility to arrive at the Segway Unleashed site at the specified date and time.
Failure to do so may invalidate your booking.

Stansted Ventures Ltd reserves the right to cancel operations or bookings for any reason which may affect the safety and security of the customer or staff. Up to and including date of booking.
Segway activity is subject to weather conditions and is most commonly affected by heavy rainfall, high or gale force winds or waterlogging onsite. Stansted Ventures Ltd will do their utmost to inform customers of cancellations and reschedule bookings. If the customer is in any doubt about the weather conditions please contact Segway Unleashed using the contact number received on the confirmation email at the time of booking.

Stansted Ventures Ltd is not responsible for any damage or loss to customer property at the site.


In the unfortunate event that your experience is cancelled by Segway Unleashed, the company will do it’s upmost to contact you as soon as possible to prevent you from making the journey to the activity site and notify you of the change of schedule/cancellation. Please be aware that cancellation notifications can occur at any point, including the day of your event. If we are able to inform customers well in advance of cancellations we will do so, however it is often the case we will have to inspect the site on the day of an event before making a decision, this inspection may happen only an hour or so before we are due to run. Please also be aware that (as has been the case in the past) we may have to cancel events during sessions or later in a scheduled day due to unpredictable weather, track deterioration, injury or other circumstances out of our control.

In the event that the decision is taken to cancel the event on the day of your activity generally after staff arrive at site (due to unforeseen problems like water logging, unexpected damage/theft of equipment, serious incident etc.) and you have already left for your scheduled activity and/or arrived
at site, Segway Unleashed will not compensate for journey/mileage and/or additional expensesincurred by the customer. Cancellations are generally caused by:

  • Bad Weather
  • Injury/Illness to staff
  • Serious injury or incident onsite
  • Damage to equipment/site
  • Unforeseen Circumstances

In the event of cancellation every effort will be made to notify you in good time using the contact details you have provided us with at the time of booking. If these details are incorrect or you are uncontactable then the company cannot be held responsible for lack of contact. A cancellation notification will also be placed on the Segway Unleashed contact number provided to you on booking.
In the event of cancellation the experience you have booked will still be valid with Segway Unleashed for the remainder of that season and rebooking must be made within 1-month of cancellation or your experience will be invalid and non-refundable.

If the customer is unable to rebook on a suggested or available days a refund will be offered during the 1-month rebooking period but not thereafter (direct Segway Unleashed customers only – third party voucher holders will need to take up refunds with their issuing company).

Special Offer / Peak Time Vouchers

From time to time, Segway Unleashed and its associate marketing companies ‘Gift Companies’ will offer
Segway experiences at a reduced rate from our standard price list known as ‘Special Offers’.

All vouchers sold on behalf of Segway Unleashed have their own terms and conditions which you must make yourself fully aware of before and after purchase. Special offer vouchers generally have T&C’s that offer riders some or all of the following:

  • Voucher can only be redeemed on a weekday (Mon-Fri) or selected days/times
  • Segway sessions will have a maximum number of people per session which will possibly exceed the number of Segways available meaning participants will ‘share’ equipment on an equal level during the session.
  • Time slots will not be changeable or transferable

A peak time/full price voucher is considered to be a voucher/booking that has not been discounted, has been privately booked and arranged directly with Segway Unleashed, or has been sold via associate marketing companies under instruction and clearly marked as a ‘full price/peak time’
voucher. Peak Time vouchers generally have T&C’s that may offer riders some or all of the following:

  • Voucher can be redeemed on all days, including weekends.
  • Time slots will have more scope to be changed, extended, moved if possible and agreed by Segway Unleashed who will have the ultimate and final decision in such matters.

As noted above, all vouchers come with their own T&C’s which will be made clear to you at the time of purchase and may differ from options stated above. Voucher sold via 3rd Party companies are subject to these T&C’s however we cannot take responsibility for 3rd party information but do work closely with 3rd party companies to ensure they offer customers a full and proper description of our product/experience.

Please note that due to the nature of the business, Segway Unleashed can only run at certain times of the year, and our dates and time slots are set to allow maximum occupancy throughout the season. Spaces/slots are booked on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability. We will always endeavour to offer slots in advance allowing customers ample time to book a session/slot and the responsibility of booking a voucher falls directly with the customer and no responsibility for lack of availability can be accepted in the event of customer not booking their experience within a reasonable time frame.

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