Private Groups and Corporate Events

Segway Unleashed offers the ideal fun-packed experience for: groups, parties, stag & hen outings, clubs, associations and/or corporate events.

Segway riding is the perfect platform for group fun and team building as you and friends learn how to ride Segways in different arenas and terrains, in a relaxed, exciting environment.

Segway Unleashed currently offers two different riding experiences; these are our 3-zone riding experience (as outlined in our 'Your Segway Experience' section on this website and below), or if you're looking for an extended riding session with a team-building/group interaction element, why not try 'Extended Group Session', as detailed below.

PRIVATE BOOKINGS - Standard 3-Zone Session:
Group sizes from: 5 to 18 people

The majority of our riding sessions are 'public sessions' whereby the overall group is made up of whoever has booked in for that open session. Customers looking to celebrate an occasion, party or just want to be with their own friends/family/colleagues, should consider booking what we call a 'Private Session'.

Private sessions on our 3-zone experience, will follow the same 3-zone format as our normal public sessions. You will have exclusive use of the Segways (unless the number of riders in your group exceeds number of Segways we have, ie. more than 8-people) and it will still last approximately 45min to 1-hour, depending on group size. The difference with private bookings as opposed to public sessions is that the only people on the experience will be the people you invite, no one else!

Pricing for private sessions will vary depending on: day of session, overall group size etc. However all private sessions are sold on a 'flat rate/fixed cost' basis which will cover the first 8 people (as in essence you are buying a whole session and all 8-places we’d otherwise sell to the general public, all for your group). If you have more than 8 people in your group, that’s fine, anyone over the first 8-riders will be charged an agreed per person fee thereafter (and you will have a shared equipment session as you’ll have more riders than we have Segways); if your group has less than 8-riders, you’d still need to pay the flat fee in full, as like we’ve stated above, in a private session, you are in essence buying all 8-spaces we’d otherwise sell to the general public.

If you're looking to book a party, celebrate an occasion, or do something with a club or colleagues, then contact us today for pricing information and availability. A full 'Session Overview' can be downloaded below:

For more information please download our session overview: Here
To enquire about a private party please: Click Here

Group sizes from: 6 to 20 people

At Segway Unleashed we offer more than just our standard '3-zone public sessions', and through our vast experience we have devised a unique and exciting 'extended/corporate' riding activity which allows us to run large groups (and smaller ones too) on our equipment - giving you the perfect event for a fun team building/competitive activity, all based around Segway riding.

The difference between our standard '3-zone sessions' and our 'extended corporate/group sessions' is primarily the inclusion of team games (once rider training etc. has been completed). These games give us the opportunity to incorporate an overall scoring/points system during the experience, meaning teams within your group get a competitive edge and need to work together to get maximum points - and an overall winning team.

Our extended session will normally last 1.5 to 2hrs (depending on the group size) and can be suitable for groups of up to about 20 people.

So if you're looking for a fun, team building activity based around Segway riding, please download our 'Extended Session Overview' below for full details and pricing information:

For more information please download our Extended Session overview: Here
To enquire about a corporate booking please: Click Here

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